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Classic Easter Bunny Cookie

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Savor the timeless charm of our 35-gram Classic Easter Bunny Cookie. This delightful treat embodies the spirit of the season with its adorable bunny shape. Enjoy the perfect blend of sweetness and simplicity in every bite, making it a must-have for your Easter festivities.

These are made from top-quality ingredients provided by some of New Zealand's top brands. While all of our cookies are made through a secret recipe crafted by our Chief of Cookies, each flavour also has its own uniqueness;

Butter Cookies: a soft shortbread cookie that crumbles in your mouth - our most popular cookie by far!

Peanut Butter Cookies: Something a little different for the nut lovers out there. Our Peanut Butter cookies are made with Pic's Peanut Butter and can have a little chew in them.