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Empower Yourself: Be Our Cookie Project Champ

Exciting News: Relaunch of Our Self-Employment Initiative - Become a Local Cookie Champ Today!

We are thrilled to announce the relaunch of our self-employment pilot, now open to all Kiwis - disabled or able-bodied!

Why you should consider?

Becoming a Cookie Champ is not just a job—it's an opportunity to join a cause, earn income flexibly, develop valuable skills, and be part of a community-driven initiative. It's an enriching experience that combines personal growth with the joy of making a positive impact.

  1. Make a Difference: Being a Cookie Champ allows you to directly contribute to a meaningful cause. Whether it's supporting local bakers, contributing to the community, or helping to provide employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities, your efforts make a real impact.

  2. Earn Extra Income: This opportunity offers financial benefits through sales commissions. It's a flexible way to earn extra income on your terms, making it ideal for anyone looking to supplement their earnings.

  3. Flexible Schedule: As a Cookie Champ, you have the flexibility to set your own hours and work at your pace. 

  4. Build Your Network: Engaging with customers and being part of a broader community of Cookie Champ allows you to meet new people, build relationships, and strengthen your networking skills, which can be invaluable both personally and professionally.

  5. Develop Your Skills: This role offers a chance to hone a variety of skills, from sales and marketing to communication and leadership. These are transferable skills that can benefit you in any career path you choose.

  6. Personal Satisfaction: There's a unique sense of personal satisfaction and pride that comes from knowing your work supports a good cause. Being a Cookie Champ isn’t just about selling cookies; it’s about being part of a movement that values social impact, inclusion, and community support.

How it works:

  1. Identify Local Stakeholders: Start by pinpointing potential clients in your community who would be interested in our cookies. This could include local businesses, schools, community centers, or anyone looking to purchase cookies in bulk.
  2. Generate Pre-Order Sales: Reach out to these stakeholders to secure pre-orders for our cookies. Highlight the unique selling points of our cookies, such as quality, craftsmanship, and the impact of their purchase.
  3. Place Order Through Shopify: Once you've confirmed pre-orders, place the order through our Shopify store. It's crucial to indicate the "Cookie Champ" name on the order to track sales and associate them with you correctly. This step ensures all transactions are efficiently managed and recorded.
  4. Distribution and Shipping: After the order is placed, we will bake the cookies and coordinate with our local courier for shipping. The cookies will be sent directly to you, or in some cases, directly to the clients, depending on the arrangement. Your role includes ensuring the cookies are distributed to the clients who have placed the pre-orders, completing the supply chain.
  5. Crediting of Commission: Once all orders have been fulfilled and delivered, a commission based on the pre-agreed terms will be credited to your desired bank account. This final step rewards your efforts in generating sales and facilitating the distribution process.

This streamlined process not only facilitates a smooth operation for our Cookie Champ but also ensures that our delicious cookies reach those who value quality and community impact.

Here’s what’s in it for you:

  • As a Cookie Champ, you will earn a minimum of 10% sales commission on every cookie sale made through Shopify. This incentive motivates Cookie Champs to boost their sales efforts, directly impacting their earnings.

  • You will receive a personalsed QR code, making it easier for customers to place orders directly through our sales channel. This not only streamlines the order process but also helps in tracking your sales more efficiently.

  • We will share your cookie selling journey and highlight customer testimonials.

Together, these benefits not only provide a earnings but also enhance your digital presence and customer engagement, making the role of a Cookie Champ both rewarding and enjoyable.

You can begin your journey as The Cookie Project Champ after completing a few simple formalities.

Joining is effortless! Simply provide your details, and we will get back to you. Get Started Now!  

Embrace the opportunity to make a difference, earn, and be part of our growing community. Let’s bake a change together!